Blogging while stranded roadside

Yes you read it right, just as the title implies I’m stranded roadside at 7am in my Batman PJs. 🙈

Sitting in my car reading a london seo expert success story you’ll never believe. It got me thinking of all the work I need to put into this blog and the avenue it could take.

I only nipped out to drop my sister off to work, I left my Batman gown on thinking i’d be heading straight back,my car had other plans!  This is why my pops has always told me to have a coat handy before driving as you never know when you might have an emergency and yes he’ll be glad to know he’s right!

After what seemed like an eternity, the lovely chap from RAC arrived to get me back on the road, I guess even superheroes need rescuing occasionally 😂

And oh of course my sister couldn’t resist getting a picture…

Eye mask and all 🙈[/caption]

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