Fashions fade, style is eternal

(Yves Saint Laurent)

Welcome to my style page, I was tempted to label this as ‘Fashion’ rather than ‘Style’ but then I realised the generic defintion of Fashion is;

A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

I can’t say that everything in this will be the latest or the most popular but it will be what I like or led to like as you will get to know. I say ‘led to’ , for those of you who are under 5’4 and of a curvy physique, you’ll will understand how difficult it is to dress the way you want to unless you have the means to spend a small fortune on items.

Forever compromising on certain looks and brands as they don’t cater to ‘my type’, shopping is nearly always an ordeal. 

In this page I will try to show different styles that I can get away with wearing (at least I think I can) and if it helps anyone else that’s a bonus. Fear not though, It won’t all be based around me, I shall upload a variety of styles, designs and where possible I’ll try show cheaper alternatives to designer brands, so you can get the ideal look for a fraction of the price. (Well a close enough lol) Stockists will range from budget , high street, to your top tier brands. 

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