Holiday Shopping 

Counting down the days until my holiday to Thailand, it’s been a long time coming. 

I always get carried away with holiday shopping but this time round due to lack of time and what not, I am under control.
So just days before my holiday, I’ve rushed out and scanned the high street to see what they have to offer me.
There is so much choice out there and I’m loving almost everything!

 I keep leaning toward the kimonos and all the pastel colours. I’m trying not to spend too much on holiday wear as I never seem to wear it more than a couple of times and before my next holiday arrives I’ve either misplaced it or damaged it.

So this time, I picked up some things at a more practical price. 🙈

My first purchase was these two pairs of sandals at only £17.99 each. I picked up the pair in white first and then had to get the second in mint green, I love this colour.  They look very similar to my Orange Kurt Geiger sandals, but for a fraction of the price.


Sandals, £17.99. New Look
You can never have enough harem/jogger pants, whether on holiday or home. I find them so comfy, these were £28 from Red Herring in Debenhams. I’m loving the khaki/Orange mix. 

The picture does not do them justice, I have been told to make video version of my blogs, which I will look into at some point. 🙂 

Joggers £28, Red Herring

Also from Red Herring, a polka dot jumpsuit. I usually have such a hard time finding a jumpsuit in a petite size that would flatter my curves at the same time but I’m glad I spotted this number. Not very holiday themed but I can dress it up or down, plus I’m always a sucker for polka.
Polka Jumpsuit £28 – Red Herring

I quite liked  the matching co-ords trend last year, I saw some pink crinkle touch kimonos with matching floral bottoms, but I think I want to mix it up a little this year rather than wear it together. 

As I was having a snoop in H&M, I picked up this fringe/tassel side bag, it doesn’t have the biggest capacity but spacious enough for the necessities.  It has a detachable long shoulder strap and then a smaller carry strap. They had these available in Black/Nude/Tan

Fringe/tassel bag £12, H&M

My favourite purchase however is from DP (Dorothy Perkins), I tend to go in there alot as they have a decent selection of Petite wear and they mix up their styles quite a lot, which is perfect for me as I hate not having options! Instead of clothes, I came across these beauties, at 30% off. Made my day.

Flats £18, Dorothy Perkins

That pretty much sums up my day, I bought quite a few other necessities too which I shan’t bore you with. At some stage, I shall make these hauls a regular thing and maybe conquer YouTube. 🙂

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