All that glitters….

Glitter, its so pretty right? Weightless specks of sparkle that can brighten up the darkest of days smothered freely without a care, whether its on the face, cards or canvas. However there is a darker side to glitter, something that doesn’t sit well with me, a moment of joy for us can be permanently destructive to our sea life. The small bits of plastic never fully break down causing the small fragments to be swallowed by fish and whales alike.

For a long while, I have wanted to become more eco-conscious and use sustainable alternatives where possible, this intention has deepened more so since becoming a Mother.  Most recently when creating a craft box for my 18 month old, I really started to think about how friendly or unfriendly rather, it is to our environment.

Once I started researching, I found that there were quite a few companies selling alternative Glitters which are biodegradable unlike conventional glitters.*  I knew that Lush Cosmetics and other big companies specialised in ecofriendly alternatives but i didnt realise there were many smaller biodegradable glitter companies too.

I contacted a a couple of them so I could see if there was much difference in appearance and usage.  EcoStardust were happy to send me some out and I was delighted to see that it looked and felt just like the conventional glitters but with the key bonus being that it isn’t made from plastic.  Eco Stardust is made from plant cellulose mainly from non-genetically modified eucalyptus trees, which have been sustainably farmed.  The glitter starts to biodegrade in warm, moist environments such as bins, so you can be sure it’s not harming our planet.

EcoStardust glitter is available in so many different colours and themes, plus I love that 10% of their net profits go to environmental charities. To see the full range of colours available, head over to their website at, I also noticed that have started stocking it.

Of course Glitter isn’t the only plastic to pollute our seas, and I’m the first to admit that I’m very far from creating a plastic free household (not for the want of trying), however I am intent on making small changes. Perhaps we could all make a difference, one sprinkle at a time. 🙂

*For the avoidance of doubt, this isn’t a sponsored post but something I genuinely feel passionate about.

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