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Beauty is a fruit of a free mind and good health

So, believe it or not, I went through my teens and early 20s with little or no makeup. I suppose, some would say I didn’t really need it and to an extent I agree. However, as they say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’, time found a way to catch up to me & what I didn’t suffer in adolescence, I’m making up for now! My skin is alot more sensitive and prone to spots , my under eye circles are harder to shift and the ‘natural’ face no longer works for me in the same way.

This brought me to the decision to invest in some beauty products, it dawned on me that I didnt have a clue where to begin, somehow I missed out on the education of experimental youth. I had questions; sitting in front of a mirror figuring out what brush does what and what shade suits my colour. Why are there so many types of something that do the same job?!

Luckily, I had ladies around me who, dare I say, were more acquainted with this aspect of their feminine side. I set about my research and with the help of a friend I traipsed beauty counter after beauty counter until I had a rough idea of what I need day to day.  As if that wasn’t challenging enough, I then had to figure out which brand to trust, but I’ve come to learn that it will be a matter of trial and error.

In in this section, you’ll find my views/reviews on products. Still a work in progres, keep checking back for updated material. 

Disclaimer: As a novice, swimming in a sea of unfamiliarity, my reviews and comments may not be like the millions of other types of reviews you’re used to. So bear with me. 🙂

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