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A dream vacation on the Pacific? ☀️

It’s that time of year where we have a while until Spring and the bitter cold of the Winter is lingering so I sit here day dreaming of the sun, sea and sand. It got me thinking of all the Long Haul destinations that I have previously overlooked. Ones that I could’ve done a lot easier before His Royal Highness came along, don’t get me wrong I love travelling with my cherub but I’ve only done short haul with him yet.

I always envisaged that I would end my 20s lying on some hot beach somewhere or skiing down a mountain. (It’s on the bucket list)

I spent a birthday in Paris, which wasn’t bad by any means, I was on top the Eiffel Tower when the clock struck 12, I also got to fulfil my EuroDisney dream. But I do wish I had gone further afield with a Big Bang, somewhere hot with luxury living, for example how lush are these Los Cabos Rentals?

If I’m completely honest, until last month I hadn’t even considered Los Cabos as an option but now I can’t stop researching it! Seeing as I don’t have a milestone birthday for a long while yet, maybe it could be an anniversary present. (Hint Hint if you’re reading this)

Los Cabos is situated in the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, it’s actually two destinations in one. There are two “Cabo” towns: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. I’ve not been to that side of the world yet so It would be amazing to visit.

It’s surrounded by desert and the ocean and after some thorough research, I can’t see why Los Cabos shouldn’t be my next long-haul trip.

If you also want some insight, these are my summarised reasons on why Los Cabos is an ideal destination;

Whale Watching

I keep reading that A trip to Cabo isn’t complete without getting a glimpse of one of nature’s most extraordinary creatures in their natural habitat.

It is one of the highly rated locations to see whales during their migration from the waters of the Artic to the warm waters surrounding Baja. Apparently, from December to March, there is no better place to catch these gigantic grey whales in action than Los Cabos. And it’s not just whales, there’s a whole load of aquatic fauna to get up close with.

Instagram worthy

The scenery is breathtaking, every picture I have seen makes me want to go more and more. Whether it’s the ocean, sunsets, or monuments it looks amazing, such as the Arch, “El Arco” is part of the peninsula’s very southern tip.  On one side, the Pacific Ocean; on the other side begins the Sea of Cortez. It is on of the most photographed spots of Las Cabos.


There are lot and lots of beaches, surrounded by the ocean you can imagine there being a beach for every category. Surfing, families, nightlife or relaxation, whatever you want, there’s a beach for you.


If you’re partial to a bit of Art, the new up and coming place to be is in the Gallery District of San Jose del Cabo. For visitors between November and June, Thursday evening can be spent enjoying ‘The Art Walk’. From 5pm – 9pm visitors can pop in and out of the various exhibits and meet many of the gallery owners.

Golf & Adventure

Going through pictures of Los Cabos I keep seeing some beautiful golf courses, it turns out that there are several world class golf courses all across Los Cabos with views over the seas and the surrounding mountains.

In terms of adventure, there is range of outdoor activities in the desert or over the mountains.

Imagine the adrenaline of of driving this ATV through the Wild Canyon.

So that’s my brief shortlist and with sunshine pretty much all year round. What’s not to love?.

Los Cabos seems to be quite popular with the celebrities currently, I read that just last week Will Smith was there for an off road adventure! Not stalking him or anything but if it’s good enough for Will…. 😉

I’m sold, this could well be on the horizon in the near future and if you’re reading this, you have some great info to get you started. ☀️

This is a collaborative post.

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