Kokoso baby.

If you’ve read one of my previous posts about Cocowhite, you’ve probably seen how highly I rate coconut oil for oral health. However, the benefits don’t end there.

Kokoso baby is a cocunut oil made from organically grown coconuts with no added chemicals. 

As a first time mum swimming in a sea of unfamiliarity, I’m constantly on the lookout for the most natural products to use on my little cherub.  I was given a basket load of products of a well known brand, however I refuse to use any of it as I don’t even feel it’s fit for adult skin let alone newborn skin.

In the first few weeks, due to dry patches, a fellow mum recommended Kokoso baby and then funnily enough a week or so later I saw it on Dragons’ Den, it looked good enough for me, so off I went to Boots and picked up a pot.

I love the whole purple on white look.

Presented in lovely colours in a nice sized pot, I set about using it on my newborn almost immediately. It’s so versatile that I ended up having many uses;

  1. On the scalp for dry patches,
  2. A nappy ointment which ensured his bottom was nice and soft whilst also acting as a nappy barrier,                                        
  3. Oil for baby massages at home & in the classes,
  4. A moisturiser after bath time, keeping him smelling lovely.

It comes in a solid form which easily loosens in the hand or with a bit of heat. On the warmer days you can always store it in the fridge to stop it melting too much.

I would highly recommend Kokoso, I love the fact that it’s 100% natural, I’ve even been using it on myself recently.

I’ve since seen the release of their newer baby products which I can’t wait to try. To find out more or to order, click on Kokoso website.  🙂

All views are my own.

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