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Want to know what all the hubbub is about…?

So if you’ve read my Root Canal post then you’ve learned what led to me researching Oil Pulling.  As strong as the research is, due to one reason or the other, (most likely laziness) I never got round to trying it.

For those who are unaware, Oil Pulling is known to be an ancient practice that has recently been brought back to the surface to promote oral health.  It involves swishing oil, (commonly coconut oil) in your mouth for 5-20 minutes then spitting it out, like you would with a mouthwash but for slightly longer, the idea is, that it will rid harmful bacteria, draw out toxins and whiten teeth.

And as if by magic,  COCOWHITE ads started appearing across my social media apps, mostly advertised using celebrities. Now i’m not one to fall for these marketing ploys, but something about this product drew me in.  The thought of pouring oil out of a bottle then into my mouth everyday filled me with repulse, not to mention the effort factor of the ordeal. So, be it a placebo, but the idea of manageable sachets with a hint of lemon, mint or vanilla was much more appealing than the thought of waiting for oil to heat up and into my mouth with no additional taste. 

Needing no further convincing, I took myself to the site for initial research of the product and attempted to order some, after a few unsuccessful attempts I received an email to say the product was back in stock. I stuck with the mint option as it was the closest to my normal tooth regime.I must admit, the order process was very straightforward, great updates from the moment of order until delivery. The product arrived the next working day; 14 sachets of COCOWHITE.  

Yes standard, I did the obligatory selfie, posted it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, but funnily enough COCOWHITE did not use any of my selfies. (It’s ok I forgive you COCOWHITE)   


Soon I had become the designated tester for my friends & family and test I did….  

Day 1 –  Almost forgetting the science, I nearly ended up with a clump of coconut oil in my mouth but my brain kicked in as I held the sachet and it felt bumpy, I found rubbing it between the palms for a minute made it just the right consistency. I emptied the sachet into my mouth, and no word of a lie I retched. It’s not so much the taste but the texture, however I powered through and tried to swish away, a few minutes into it I became a dribbling mess and had to spit it out. I brushed my teeth as normal straight after.  I must say albeit only doing it for less than 5 minutes, my mouth felt immediately fresh and the feeling lasted the whole day even after I had eaten (for you cynics, no one has paid me to say this)
Day 2 – I tried to work up to swirling for a longer time but my jaw gave up after 4 timed minutes. Unsure how I would last the full 14 days, I decided to try and build up my time over the days. 

Day 5 – Mouth feels lush, can’t notice the whitening so much yet but I’ve always had fairly white teeth so to me it is about the overall benefits rather than the whitening alone. However, they feel much cleaner and fresher without a doubt and that’s just with 6 minutes swishing yet 

Day 7 – Managed to swish the oil for almost 10 minutes which is still nowhere near the 20 minutes recommended, although it is all my jaws could take. Texture was much more bearable by now and I knew exactly how to get the consistency right. Keeping it in my hands for a a minute or alternatively putting it in my top for a couple of minutes made it warm enough.

Day 10 – Noticed a significant change in the overall feeling of my mouth, can notice slight whitening but not enough to spot the difference in a photo. I find that even after eating, the fresh taste is lasting all day.

Day 12 – Teeth feel shinier when I run my tongue across them (it may all be in my head), my mouth feels fresher, not to mention all that swishing has enabled muscles in my face that I didn’t even know existed. But seriously, build up the swishing time day by day, I can now last for 15 minutes, whoop.  So by the time I reach Day 14, I’ll get to 20 minutes, I hope!

As I’m happy with the product so far, I’m not evenwaiting until Day 14 to release this, so there you have it.

On the whole, I definitely will continue to use this method of Oil Pulling 3 times a week, already due to place a new order with COCOWHITE. I’ll be sticking with mint for the time being but I plan to work my way through the flavours. 🙂  

I’m yet to see the long term health benefits but I can’t see lack of benefits either so that’s good enough for me.

Ta daa….

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  1. I’m intrigued. Although, I can’t say I’ll pay for something I already have in my house. I suppose I could add essential oils to regular coconut oil for flavour and freshness. Thanks for sharing

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