Dear Darling…

Dearest child of mine,

This morning I hugged you a little tighter and a whole lot longer.  I watched you exploring your toys with such innocence, oblivious to all the evil going on in the world. You tried climbing across the bed but lost your balance, I protected your head as you fell against the wall. You giggled and attempted it again knowing full well that I’d catch you before you fall.  If only, if only I could protect you forever.

Everyday, we wake to news from the rest of the world, war torn countries, terror attacks, poverty and violence. It fills me with dread, even more so as a Mother.

I know our country isn’t any safer, more than ever we are open to attacks, we’ve had children dying while enjoying a concert, commuters injured on public transport, Individuals suffering while enjoying a night out. When I think of all this, my chest tightens at the thought of you ever getting caught up in this.

I lay there thinking of your future, the name I’ve given you, the religion you’re born into, the culture you’re associated with, all of these which now have such a stigma attached. I worry if I’ve made it harder for you to mingle at School, University and Work. I worry that you will get stopped while making your most memorable moments, be it travelling afar or local, all because your name fits a certain stereotype. I then wonder how you’ll greet this treatment, will I teach you enough patience, will you understand?

Although many will look beyond these things, so many won’t. Please don’t let this hinder you, when faced with this my son, I want you to confront the negativity with love, do not lose yourself to society’s assumptions.

I can’t promise that you’ll be safe from the stereotypes surrounding you, and I won’t always be around to advise you but I will try my damn best to show you not to rise to it. Never live in fear, my sweetheart.

If I can teach you anything; be kind. Never underestimate kindness, be it given or received. Because despite everything my darling, there is also so much good. I need you to always remember that love will one day overpower hate.

Love always,

Mama x

14 thoughts on “Dear Darling…”

  1. Lovely post hunny. It’s so sad to have to worry about the world our children our growing up in, isn’t it? There has been so much crime in my town recently that I’ve been considering moving away just to get my daughter away from it. It’s horrible we have to think like this, but I suppose all we can do is prepare them as best we can for the world they are growing up in, and teach them to be kind and treat everyone with respect. X #itsok

    1. Yes totally. .. I guess we can never escape it for too long as one day they’ll be entering the big bad world without us. But yes all we can do is prepare them. X

  2. Lovely post. It’s a shame we have to worry about such things though isn’t it, it seems our children are growing up into a world very different to the one that we were brought into. #itsok

  3. Such an emotive topic. All children are beautiful and innocent…it saddens me that it is adults which take these unsullied souls and dirty them with power struggles, stigma, stereotypes and narrow beliefs. If I could protect all the worlds children long enough to let them grow up feeling and seeing only love I would. To grow up without any pre determined beliefs. I wonder what the world would be like in 20 years if we could.

    1. I second that. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment and to having such a great outlook. The world would definitely be a much better place if we all did and thought that. x

  4. What a lovely post but it’s so sad that we have to think about these things. I have so many hopes for my children and their future, but my biggest hope is that they grow up to be the kind, generous and loving souls we are raising. I suppose all we can do is prepare them for the big bad world in any way we can. x #itsok

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