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About a year ago, I signed up to the NCT antenatal course. As a first time mum, I knew that I wanted (needed rather) some kind of information class.

I did some research and came across NCT, a large organisation who cover a wide range of issues for parents.  To be fair,  I didn’t need much convincing and I signed us both up of course. 🙂

I still remember the first session, a group of 7 couples who couldn’t be more different, sitting around in a circle. Little did I know that these people would have such huge roles in my life from that point onwards. It wasn’t long after, that we all exchanged numbers and us ‘Mums to be’ made a whatsapp group and I can honestly say no more than a day or two goes by without some form of communication within that group. Admittedly, we do have the most random of conversations but without the words of wisdom, love and laughter from that group,  it would’ve been one boring journey.  Throughout the year we’ve had family meet ups, outings, baby classes and the ‘Dads’ have even got their own group. Couldn’t have asked for a better lot. 🙂

We’ve even been on a mini break when the babies were 6 months old, now that was an experience. Haha

The NCT antenatal course is a bit different to the standard NHS one in the sense it’s chargeable and it’s a small group course running over 6 weeks. In terms of the course content, the NCT are not too different from the NHS run course, main difference being they are spread over a few weeks and not free of course. It’s also a much smaller group of no more than 7 couples.

Would I recommend? Yes I would, I have to say that the material taught could be found online or via the NHS and there’s so much that isn’t covered which we found out post birth and to this day are still learning, but just for the support network alone, it’s worth it, so if you can spare the extra money, do it.

These ladies have been brilliant, I’ve been thinking, at what point should I stop calling them ‘NCT friends’ and just refer to them as friends haha.  I’ve spent a huge chunk of the last year with them and if I’m honest, they know more about my post-birth life than some of my existing friends and family. 

It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. So many memories made, here’s to many more to come. 🙂 💜

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