The Outlaws… 

This week saw the papers have a field day with Faryal Makhdoom’s (wife of Amir Khan) rant via snapchat, it didn’t take long for the public to voice their opinions on this matter, whether they love her or hate her, everyone seems to be an expert on domestic bliss all of a sudden.
 So for what it’s worth here’s my tuppence.. 

With Social Media in overdrive with speculation, blame, theories and criticism,  one would assume that this is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the issue raised, regardless of this particular case…but no that would be too sensible.
Reading some of the comments left online, it appears a lot of women have accepted their position of inferiority in the eyes of their in-laws.

It isn’t the first time and it’s by far not the last time that we’ll hear of a daughter in law being treated like a second class citizen especially when she doesn’t align with the husband’s family’s ideologies. And you know what maybe it’s true maybe it’s false, maybe she’s milking it, maybe it’s exaggerated, maybe it’s worse, who knows?!  
But whether we like it or not, the issues are real and many women across the world are going through this daily & what surprises me the most is that it is mainly in the communities of the people attacking Faryal for speaking out, funny that. 

You don’t have to like her, believe her or even agree with her method of communicating it to the world but you do have a choice to be the voice for 1000s of women who won’t, can’t speak out. 

It takes a lot of inner strength to stand up against the regressive thought process of the community, but here’s hoping that one day we can live in a society where patriarchal cultural norms won’t overpower an individual’s religious or even moral rights & duties.

Over and out.


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