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So you know how it is, you go in to get your hair done and come out feeling like you’ve got someone else’s hair and you’re ready to the rule the world? (almost). That is until you wash it and then no matter what you try and do to imitate the hairdresser, your hair never feels the same! 

Well that was me once, until my most recent visits to my hairdresser. My hairdresser gave me a list of the products she used on my hair. 
Me being me & not giving in to the hard sale, I let her guide me through a hair consultation and I took away the list and researched the products, which in hindsight I should have done a long time ago. 

My hair is a lot more prone to breakages recently and due to various medications it has started getting duller and more brittle, so upon recommendation I invested in Redken products. I was advised that the ‘extreme’ range and a cleansing cream shampoo to alternate with the shampoo would be ideal to begin with. The purpose of the cleansing cream is to rid all product build up, I have to say it leaves my hair literally squeaky clean. 

Overall, my hair feels much softer and has a nice shine to it, a lot more healthy which must be down to the protein content.  

The downfall unfortunately is the price but I tend to scour the net for various promotions on the product before I buy, and due to the small amounts needed, the bottles last a fairly long time.  

My most recent purchase was from, they gave me the travel set below for free when purchasing the above, plus I had an additional 15% promo code. 

Diamond oil is another line in the Redken range which leaves the hair feeling thoroughly moisturised, ideal for dry/damaged hair.You can look through the wide range available at There’s something to suit every hair type. 🙂

Hair oil shampoo and conditioner for dry & damaged hair by Redken contains essential oils like: coriander oil, camelina oil and apricot oils that moisturize, protect & detangle hair while reducing hair breakage.



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