Just a simple thank you. #MindfulNovember

I came across the hashtag on social media, for #MindfulNovember. Although, I haven’t got round to posting about it daily, one of the ones that stuck in my mind was ‘thankful for’.

Perhaps it’s human nature or maybe it’s just circumstance, but it’s so easy to get bogged down with the negativities in life over the positive.  On the whole, people can tend to focus on disappointments which in turn can overshadow the pure kindness that enters our lives.

It’s no exaggeration that my motherhood journey has been exhausting. And at my loneliest times it has felt like no one has made any effort and in turn, I have tarred even the helpful ones.

So this post is all about being grateful, to anyone and everyone who has made this roller coaster of a journey (that they call motherhood) somewhat easy for me albeit briefly.

In no particular order…..

Thank you to both sides of the family for giving my cherub unconditional love.

Thank you to my Husband who has watched this journey unfold and proven to be supportive without limits and also an amazing Father to our bundle of joy.

Thank you to my Mum who despite her own health issues and commitments stayed with me after birth knowing I would be alone, I’m grateful even for the very short time she could before she had to fly out abroad.

Thank you to my ‘NCT friends’ who got me through most nights and days with the group chats, especially when I was doubting my parenting skills and for treating His Royal Highnesswith the same care and attention they give their own.

Thank you to my neighbour sisters who despite their own workload have many times ran across the road to watch HRH just so I can go to the lavatory in peace. (Yes it’s true, it’s the smallest luxuries.)

Thank you to my Father who is my number one cheerleader, on his watch I’ll never give up.

Thank you to my youngest sister who doesnt realise the weight of her words, (not always good) but this particular time, 6 weeks into motherhood she said something along the lines of ‘you’ve really taken to being a mum’, she didn’t realise I was breaking inside that day painting a smile on to the world, struggling with how I would make it through the night, let alone to the next day, those words alone gave me the kick I needed for that moment. I’ll never forget.  Thank you.

Thank you to the friends that try their best to understand and support but in particular, Yaz, who travelled 100 miles to come & stay with me throughout a difficult few days. She bathed my cherub and tended to him when I found it too difficult to bear.

Thank you to the stranger in the street, who looked into my eyes told me I’m doing a good job.

And the lady in the Asda car park who offered to put my trolley away so I didn’t have to worry about leaving my baby or car unattended. It’s these little things that can make someone’s day.

Thank you to the door to door charity worker who stayed longer to chat knowing that I’m probably craving adult company after a long morning of stinky nappies. (To be fair, I think I made his day 😊)

Thank you to everyone who tells me I’m doing an amazing job when people leave me doubting myself.

But most of all, thank you to the ones that understand and accept without judgement, that it’s ok to not be ok. ❣️

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3 thoughts on “Just a simple thank you. #MindfulNovember”

  1. What a heartfelt post and so inspiring, we do have so much to be thankful for and it is great to stop and notice it. Being a new mum is one of the toughest times we can face and sometimes the loneliest too. I am glad you have had encouraging support. Thanks for sharing with us #ablogginggoodtime

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