Proudest Aunt ever..

I refuse to accept how fast the years have gone!

This random post is dedicated to my nephew who has recently turned 18 and after receiving his A-levels today, he has been accepted into his chosen redbrick university, and I could not be prouder.

I like to refer to him as MY ‘1st born’ much to everyone’s annoyance. 🙂 He was the first of the off-spring from us siblings, so you can imagine the joy he brought.
One may wonder: why does this newphew get a post in his honour?  This boy (Fast becoming MAN) taught me love, I know that sounds so cliche but he really did.

I was young myself when he was born, still at school. It was during the school holidays a nice New Years Day surprise, as he wasn’t  expected until two weeks later. Weighing only 4lb 10oz, he was the most precious darling I had ever seen.
The little mite had to stay in hospital for 10 days after birth for all sorts of reasons, we kept praying for his health and when he was finally sent home, I couldn’t stay away.

I fell in love with him instantly, which is why I’ve always been quick to disagree when people tell me ‘you don’t know love until you hold your baby’, I already knew the love with all my nieces and nephews but it started with him. The only difference with your own is the level of responsibility which I am now discovering with HRH. 🙂

No matter how grown up my nephew is, he will always be my baby nephew and will hold his special place with me always.  Ultimately, he is a real credit to his parents, who have done a fantastic job.

Looking forward to him starting University, (practically on my doorstep), wishing him all the best, for the years to come. 💚<<<<<<

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