Mumma’s Little Helpers

Mumma’s Little Helpers food catcher is a simple yet revolutionary idea. Designed and made in Australia by a mum who knows the cleanup struggle all too well. 🙂

If you’ve followed my previous posts, you’ll know my weaning preference is BLW, which can become terribly messy terribly quick.
So unsurprisingly, I’m delighted to try anything that could make the experience a little cleaner, if not easier.

I was kindly sent this product to review. Eager to put it to the test, I opened it immediately. The food catcher comes in a waterproof storage pouch (as pictured below), with step by step instructions on how to secure it into place and with the velcro tabs required to attach the product to your high chair.

The pouch can be used as a wet bag.


One of the key points,  is that it’s suitable for any four legged high chair.  We use the Ikea Antilop so set up wasn’t an issue at all as it’s such an easy chair to work with.

It attaches to the tray, back of the chair and around the legs with velcro.  The aim is to catch any food that is dropped onto the floor, meaning less clean up time for parents. (What’s not to like) It’s waterproof and can be wiped clean but also machine washable.

Very handy when dining al fresco. ☀️


We’ve been using it daily for a week and I can not fault the product, it works for us, the only thing I was wondering is if it would be beneficial for a food thrower rather than a dropper. However, saying that, it does come out quite wide at the sides and out at the front. Seeing as it is designed to catch most food, I’m sure it would still keep cleaning minimal.

I would definitely recommend Mummas’s Little Helpers food catcher.  I have no doubt that I will leave it attached to the highchair permanently, only removing it to wash, preferably overnight so it’s ready by Breakfast. 🙂

To find out more, go to Mumma’s Little Helpers website.

As always, all views are my own. 

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