Ayesha Ziya Fragrances

So I started coming across Ayesha Ziya adverts and posts on social media apps, seeing as I love a good fragrance, I started looking into sampling these.

As I didn’t know which fragrance would be the nicest & the Mister quite likes his scents, I opted for a sample box as its unisex.

My sample box arrived nicely packaged as below with the 5 different scents available.

Signature Oud, Islah, Royal Mirage, Irum, The Oud

The Oud and Irum are my top 2 out of the 5, the rest didn’t really catch my attention if I’m honest.

The Oud is quite a masculine scent and resembles a strong middle eastern fragrance, Irum is a nice soft smell, paired together these would make a nice His & Hers gift. Currently sold at £129.99 for the pair.

In terms of price it’s over £60 per 100ml depending on which scent you go for, I’m not sure if the price reflects the quality of the scent for me to pay full price, however that’s just me. 

Definitely worth a try though for those who are into this type of fragrance. 😊

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