To wig or not to wig..

To wig or not to wig..

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

So you know how it is, you go in to get your hair done and come out feeling like you’ve got someone else’s hair and you’re ready to the rule the world? (almost). That is until you wash it and then no matter what you try and do to imitate the hairdresser, your hair never feels the same!

Since His Royal Highness was born, my hair is a lot more prone to breakages and fell out significantly in the first year of his life. It was becoming harder to care for (like most things post baby) so I even got it chopped to half it’s size.

I’m now wondering whether wigs are the way forward!

I had a look at some wigs online and I never realised how much choice there is! Black Hairspray is an online retailer of Wigs, Weaves, Remy Hair and Braids. They offer same day shipping within the US and also post internationally!

My personal favourite is the long mane types as shown in the pic below, at least with a wig I could have a dramatic change in look whenever I want.

Although not sure I could get away with this look but it’s very hot…


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