To The Father Of My Child..

To the Father of my child,

I know you’re not one to embrace ‘commercialised’ days as you call them but I will use today to applaud you and all that you do.

It does not go unnoticed.

With fatherhood comes great responsibility, It can be an unbearable weight for many but you have embraced fatherhood as if you’ve had all the training in the world, from the moment our boy was born, you’ve done all you can to provide and support.

It does not go unnoticed.

We didn’t have an immediate support network and fell straight into the deep end, this didn’t phase you. You’ve taken on a variety of roles rolled into one, knowing that our child needs a healthy upbringing with consistency.  On days when I struggle to be a mother, you step in and take control.

It does not go unnoticed.

Our little cherub waits for you to come home, after a long day of work I see the exhaustion in your eyes and the excitement in his, yet you get ready to start an even longer shift at home.

It does not go unnoticed.

He watches you around the house doing day to day chores, be it cooking, cleaning or laundry, defying all stereotypes and rightfully so. You know how highly I rate the importance of this, such a priceless lesson to set for our boy.

It does not go unnoticed.

You understand the impact of being a good father and raising a child with the correct foundations. People may say that what you’re doing is exceptional, however you & I just call it parenting, as it should be.

We are thankful for all that you do.

It does not go unnoticed.

With love,                                                                 The Mother of your child. x


11 thoughts on “To The Father Of My Child..

  1. That’s so lovely. My hubby is not one for big emotions, so I don’t really get to tell him how grateful we all are for everything he does x

  2. What would we do without them? My hubby is such a great daddy and life partner, never leaving me to struggle no matter how tired he is. I do the same for him. We make a good team. But I do applaud those single parents doing it all by themselves. I come from a single parent family and I now, more than ever, appreciate all that my mum did alone.

    1. Yes he was very appreciative of this last year when I wrote it. Sometimes I think the Dads don’t get the glory they deserve. X

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