Solar System Puzzle by Hape

Solar System Puzzle by Hape

It’s never too early to introduce the Solar System right?
It is one of my favourite topics to talk and learn about so thanks to this puzzle  #Gifted from Hape, I can get the Toddler interested too. 

The Solar System Puzzle by Hape comes as an 100 piece jigsaw puzzle to solve. It features spinning solid-wood planet pieces such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune with a central glowing LED sun, which helps bring light to all surrounding planets.

Each set also comes with a small double sided poster which highlights the names of each planet and some fun facts to coincide.

It was fun teaching him the name of the planets with little planet pieces for him to place on to the Jigsaw once completed. 

The Puzzle is actually 5years + but my toddler who is almost 3 has been loving it, with some help of course but he has been taking it all in. So much so that when we went to the planetarium the other day, he labelled a couple of the planets correctly.

It’s a great base for teaching children about the universe, the Solar System Puzzle is available to buy online for £22.00 from Lighthouse Toys.


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