I’ve always been fascinated by sign language, I remember when I was younger, my parents had a book that had the Alphabet in British Sign Language, the siblings and I used to love learning it,… View Post

Dearest child of mine, This morning I hugged you a little tighter and a whole lot longer.  I watched you exploring your toys with such innocence, oblivious to all the evil going on in the… View Post

About a year ago, I signed up to the NCT antenatal course. As a first time mum, I knew that I wanted (needed rather) some kind of information class. I did some research and came… View Post

  Over the last few months, I’ve tried several different baby classes, with a mixture of sensory, signing, rythm time, stay & play, library groups, you name it.  This week I tried one that I… View Post

‘The days are long, but the years are short’ I heard that from a fellow mum the other day and I thought, damn, it’s so true! I can go on about how long the days,… View Post