Outdoor fun with HTI Toys

With many toddler groups closed for the summer, we were looking to find alternative ways to entertain His Royal Highness.

He’s just turned Two and is really enjoying new activities and types of play. I cleaned the garden to let him have free rein, even though it’s fairly small with artificial lawn, it does the job for some fresh air and play.

We received the ‘Fun Sport Range’ bundle from HTI Toys, timed perfectly for this beaut weather.

At first glance, it did seem like the toys and games were all similar. There were three sets of bat and ball games. However, there is a variety within these bat and ball games which we love.

First there was a tennis racket set, which came in a nice zipped bag, looking like a miniature adult set, of high quality. This is my personal favourite especially as he is due to start Toddler Tennis after the Summer.

Next was the boom bat set, which came with both a ping pong ball and a shuttlecock, resulting in creating a range of two player bat and ball games. These bats included the bonus of the sensory feature of a nice clear boom sound during play. As imagined, this has enhanced the enjoyment for a young mind, engaging both sight and sound.

Although there are no nets with the kits, it is possible to enjoy these two player bat and ball games just by passing between each other, at home or visiting a park.

Finally, there was the cricket bat and ball; made of matching foam. His Royal Highness preferred to bowl rather than swing the bat, however the foam material of the bat greatly reduces any worry of it being swung wildly.

Moving into a different style of game and play was the Frisbee. This seem to be made of a decent strength and thickness of material. We haven’t the longest garden, so have not yet tested it to its fullest, but it does seem to glide well. The colour of course is eye catching.

The kit also included a classic children’s football. This was the only toy which needed preparation or assembly of sorts to enjoy, requiring inflating as can be expected. He loved that there is a new ball to add to his ever growing collection. 🙂

The Fun Sport range is the perfect collection of your basic garden toys. What you see is what you get and with the benefit of a reasonable price tag, you really don’t mind having the whole range. The quality is great for the price and it’s games that the whole family can get involved in.

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  • We were sent the ‘Fun Sport’ range by HTIToys in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions, and photos are our own.
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    1. What a great range of toys – I bet your son loved playing with them. It’s great to keep them entertained outdoors with fun (and safe) toys like this – especially when the weather is nice and I love the fact the toys suit kids of all ages – even tweens & young teens like mine! Popping over from #SnappedUp

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