#MiniBrum at ThinkTank Science Museum

#MiniBrum at ThinkTank Science Museum


If you’re already familiar with the ThinkTank science museum, you’d know how great it is to get the little minds active. To make it even more enjoyable, there is now an additional section called MiniBrum.

We were invited to a preview of MiniBrim last weekend, I can honestly say we loved it, I may even have had as much fun as my toddler!

The purpose of MiniBrum is to introduce youngsters to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) based learning in a fun and creative way.

This exciting, interactive child-sized world has been created in collaboration with schools, families and community groups, and features recognisable landmarks, such as the Birmingham canals, Selfridges and the Old Joe Clock Tower at the University of Birmingham.

The mini city allows children to explore and question their understanding of the STEM world around them. Through play, the city gives children the confidence to think like scientists in real-life scenarios where they will be testing their ideas, problem solving and creating.

MiniBrum has different zones including a home area where children can build their own dens, a burrow where children can find the hidden animals, a race track inspired by Birmingham’s upcoming Commonwealth Games, a construction zone with a climbing tower and a slide, a Post Office, and a salon.

Floating ball

During their visit children are encouraged to take charge of their own learning and to develop confidence as they travel around the city exploring and discovering new activities. There are also specially designed sensory zones for babies throughout.

Schools across the West Midlands have been involved and the children’s ideas can be seen throughout.

Playing doctors roleplay

MiniBrum includes Coffee Corner, with refreshments and snacks, a buggy park, lockers, accessible toilets and baby change facilities. It has been created with all children in mind, as Thinktank’s team also consulted with the Disability Collaborative Network for Museums to ensure the new space is accessible to visitors. The new gallery also includes a new interactive classroom called The Den’ which increases Thinktank’s capacity for school group visits, with a new range of workshops available.

I would highly recommend this as a great day out. Entry to MiniBrum is included in the admission tocket. To find out more about the science museum, visit: ThinkTank.

MiniBrum will open to the public at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, on Saturday 25th may.

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