MamaBaba retreat – Italy

MamaBaba retreat – Italy

If you’ve been following my blog for a while and have read my post HolyMama Ibiza back in 2017, you’ll know how highly I rate these type of retreats.

While on the retreat in Ibiza, I had the chance to meet some wonderful women, one of these women was a fellow new mum, Eliza.

Eliza has been so inspired with the idea of creating a haven for Mother’s and their children and has worked hard to turn her vision in to reality. She has now set up her own retreat in Italy known as MamaBaba retreat.

MamaBaba retreat is based in an 18th century Farmhouse near the stunning Lake Garda, Italy. The retreat gives parents the energy, time and safe place to rekindle their power and strength as parents.

The accommodation is spacious, filled with modern amenities. You have a fully equipped kitchen and your own terrace where you can enjoy homemade wine while watching the sunset.

There is a swimming pool overlooking the vineyards if you fancy a swim, alone or with your baba.

The retreat runs from a Sunday to Saturday, the itinerary is made up of yoga, treatments, relevant talks and workshops, optimum nutrition, loving childcare and all in a gorgeous setting.

Each part of the retreat is well thought out and structured to cater for mother and child in a nurturing environment.

If you’re a first time mother or not, I would highly recommend a retreat like this to surround yourself with women in a similar phase of life to you.

The good news is if you book using the code RIZOLOGY you can save 150 Euros off of your booking. All the more reason to go ahead and book for this year. There are various dates available in June/September & October this year. You can find out more info on the website..

I know how nerve wracking it can be for some to venture out to something like this for the first time so if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will help however I can. I may even see you there.

It is the best gift that I can think of for a Mother.


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