Jack Wills – Lip Crayons


If you’ve read my intro in this section, you’ll know my search for various beauty products began due to inexperience with make-up. Funnily enough, it coincided with the lead up to Xmas. So yes I got a little carried away in the festive season, one of my favourite times of year – favourite because I love the variety of products out at the time, especially the stocking fillers. 

I came across this set whilst shopping for one of my girls (A dedicated JW fan). These crayons come in 4 different shades presented in a nice tin. Two matte shades and two glossy shades.


Baby Pink – This shade is a subtle baby pink, may look brighter on fairer skin. Reminds me of a barbie pink. I do like this colour but it doesn’t suit my skin tone as much as I would’ve liked it to. It’s perfect for day to day subtle wear. 


Red – This picture doesn’t do the colour justice, it’s a nice deep red. Almost vamp like but very stunning, you can build the colour up to make it as deep as you want. The glossy texture of this one left my lips feeling smooth but without too much shine. The colour doesn’t fade too fast either, which is always a bonus.



Shimmery pink –  I really like this shade, it’s a nice pink with a shine to it, in some lighting it has a hint of red. Left my lips smooth and glossy, it fades quicker than the other shades but easy to just re apply.



Plum – my personal favourite. A nice purole ish colour. It’s matte but doesn’t make my lips look dryer, smooths over nicely.  I like that when the colour fades, it still leaves a nice tinge of colour.

Overall, I like the idea of Lip Crayons, they are much easier to use if you’re anything like me, who hasnt quite got to grips with the art of applying lipstick.  I would recommend this product as a great addition for the handbag, car, purse etc 

Disclaimer: As a novice, swimming in a sea of unfamiliarity, my reviews and comments may not be like the millions of other types of reviews you’re used to. So bear with me. 🙂

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