Goodbye 2018….

Goodbye 2018,

As I prepare to turn my back on 2018 and enter a New Year, I am aware that I have learnt so much this year, not just about myself but about people & life on the whole. It is true that every year teaches me something new but this year was an eye opener. Good & bad in equal measure.

I started 2018 like most people, with the hope of an exciting new chapter filled with adventures and growth and as good as the chapter was, there were some events that I’d happily edit.

In many respects it has been a great year but it has also been a personally/mentally challenging one, that has no doubt shaped my mindset for years to come.

I am grateful for every happiness that has come my way and I hope that ‘the not so good’ has taught me lessons that will aid me in the coming years.

This year I am thankful for the travel and additional opportunities that have come my way and so so appreciative of the rare few individuals who listen without judgement, speak without prejudice and love without conditions.

So I want to thank my loved ones for sticking with me through the ups and downs, who have tried to show me that there is more to life outside of my own head. You know who you all are and I’m grateful for each presence in my life that has uplifted me or even attempted to, especially in moments of self sabotage & self loathing when my self belief was crippling.

My family is so precious to me and I notice every word and action of support that has come this way throughout this year.

As my journey of self discovery continues into 2019, I am sure that I am strong enough to face any challenges that lie ahead and to fully embrace each and every positive moment to come. I may lose people along the way but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. I’m no longer scared of losing people as the right people will always be there. 🙂 Wishing you all a healthy, happy & prosperous 2019.


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