A letter to my Two year old…

A letter to my Two year old…

Dear Darling,

Today you turn Two, and once again I’m sitting here holding back the tears. I remember how emotional last year was when you turned 1, I wonder if it will be like this every year?

You’re growing up so quickly, I try and remind myself to not wish the years away because I know these toddler years won’t keep and I’ll look back on them fondly.

Of course I won’t miss the scratching, the biting, food throwing, scratching and the new attitude you’re developing but with every milestone you’re getting further away from the baby I once held in my arms.

It has been a whirlwind of two years, time has gone so fast but yet at times it has felt so slow. (Especially those sleepless nights.)

Yet, I just want time to stand still so I can savour these precious moments which will be gone before I know it. Soon you’ll be potty training (fun), starting nursery and full blown speaking.

You’re developing your personality already, your love for bikes and your beloved Scooter are top of your priorities.

The way you use your cheeky nature to get what you want (no idea where you got that from 🤔🙂)

You’re such a loving little darling with lots of hugs and kisses for us, I hope you’re just as affectionate in ten years time.

Sometimes people impart their judgement on my mothering skills; too strict, too healthy, too unhealthy, too relaxed, too attentive, not attentive enough, but I’m not here to please anyone. When I look at your day to day traits, you show me that I’ve done something right. I wish you continue to surprise and amaze me.

I love you unconditionally and with every part of me, you are my strength and my greatest weakness.

I love you to the moon and back. Today and always. 💫🌙

Love Mama


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