Cook up a storm with Hape Toys

Cook up a storm with Hape Toys

Anyone who knows me will know my love for wooden toys, which is why they will always be my first choice for my little one. Don’t get me wrong he still has a lot of plastic toys, more than I’d like but wherever I can find a wooden alternative, I will.

There are many benefits to Wooden Toys ranting from the durability, safety, imagination and education aspect but they also look good and can be great to pass down too.

We were kindly sent a few bits from Hape Toys to review. They were right up our street so if course I couldn’t wait to get them out for the Toddler.

My Coffee Machine

I love this one and it really gets his imagination going, I’m even teaching him the names of different type of coffee drinks in the process.

It’s very well-made, great quality, and the design is super realistic; it is actually very similar to the Dulce Gusto machines! 

The item is packaged with all the essentials to make a great cup of coffee, including; cup, milk, sugar pot (which my toddlers calls the Honey Pot), coffee pod and spoon.

This machine can make an excellent addition to any toddler kitchen.

Aged 2 years and you can find it on Amazon for £21.15.

Fresh Fruit

This has come in handy during his snack times when I’m chopping his fruit he can help alongside.

It makes a change from all the chocolate/sweet related toys, it’s an healthier alternative even if it’s make believe.

The set includes a kiwi, orange, apple, banana, lemon and pear and a the play knife which can be used for slicing and dicing, to cook up some creative recipes and achieve some seriously delicious meals. 

Aged 3 years + and you can find it for £16.99 from Amazon.

Garden Vegetables

These have gone nicely with a Market Fruit & Veg stall that my little one already has.

If he isn’t cutting and serving the veggies he is selling them to me from his Market Stall. Role play and imaginative play is so key to a toddlers development.

It can also encourage them to learn the names for the veg as well as their nutritional, healthy qualities. Encouraging a healthy balanced diet for children’s eating habits too. The set has an onion, tomato, pepper, corn, carrot and leak.

Aged 3 years + and can be found for £15.95 from Amazon.

These items were gifted from Hape Toys but all reviews and opinions are my own. I only choose to review the items I believe in.

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