Birdbox: thoughts?

Birdbox: thoughts?


So if you’re used to a bit of Netflix and Chill or even if you’re not, you would have no doubt come across the film; Birdbox. It seems to have been the topic of conversation over the last few months. And if you’re going to be watching Netflix on one of these bad boys; OLED Tv PANASONIC then I’m well jealous. I hear Netflix and Prime can be viewed in Ultra High Definition.

Anyway on my sub standard TV, I came across Birdbox at the end of last year and although it seems to be a bit like Marmite, I didn’t really sit in either category, love or hate. I’m somewhere in the middle, I enjoyed it without comparing it to the hype surrounding it but I also had to stop myself from over questions the actions in the film as if I went down that path, It would uncover a lot of inconsistencies.

I did however form some opinions on the film on another level and I really felt that the sublimal messages or undertones in the movie were of Motherhood, Mental Health, fighting our inner demons but does that alone make a good movie? Not necessarily, but on the whole I would say it’s worth a watch if just to see Sandra Bullock again. : )

I didn’t seem to have as much passion though as one reviewer did. I saw this lady comment a review on the film on one of those film review pages and I had to share it with you all, can’t fault her investment in this.

Let me know your thoughts;

“Personally, the undertones of the movie could be interpreted about how most people live in society today, blind folded and guarded in order to avoid real emotions, real connection, and with perpetual fears that can be real but most of the times are untouchable and all created by the panic and anxieties within of things we will never see. Take Malorie’s personality, she was detached even from the very beginning for fear of feeling anything. A fear created from not having love, having heartbreak and not having a happy childhood. Her sister however was optimistic and happy despite her own trauma & was a symbol of Hope despite the bad. Tom the same thing, despite the horrific things he saw in the military while on duty, he choose consciously to still have hope, faith & dreams.

Malorie was so afraid until she was out in the woods in the position to really palpably lose her children, that is when she allowed her motherly love kick in and through that finally accepted that love is love despite the outcome.

Once they find the institution for the blind, yes they were free from the blindfold but it was more than that, their actual blindness didn’t hinder them from still seeing hearing accepting a beautiful life full of hope, dreams, music, the birds and so many things because they just accepted themselves just as they are.

Also, being blind from birth or circumstances allowed them to develop other senses in order to still experince life without eyes but still see that, which those who have sight often miss.

This movie reflects the world we are in today, people trying to run the rat race pushing one another always trying to stay on top and yet alone, lonely, isolated and guarded. They guard their hearts, minds, bodies and spirit in so many ways afraid of what might be or could be or what ifs, so much so that people have stopped feeling anything real and live a life of depression, bleakness, suicide, anxiety panic, isolation from monsters and demons that although seem very real, for the most part we create them. And yes we all have a past painful losses hurt traumas but at the end if your alive, you have the power to choose how you live, blind in fear or seeing despite the outcome and still really live to see. Excellent film.” (Anon reviewer)

Wow well this reviewer was definitely dedicated in analysing the undertones. What are your thoughts on Birdbox? Yay, Nay or somewhere in between?


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