Buggi Lights 🐞

Of all the baby related products I’ve come across, I hadn’t seen anything like this before, so I was happy to put these to the test.  From a safety point of view, I’m surprised that other leading brands haven’t put them on the market much earlier.

Buggi Lights are described as ‘a fun, simple way to make your baby’s buggy visible and safe after dusk or on a wintry afternoon. Put them on and feel confident that cars will see you when you cross the road.’

Buggi Lights is a British company that make and sell safety lights for prams and pushchairs. The lights are available in a range of colours and most importantly they can be seen from up to 300 meters away.

They are made of a silicone type material in the design of a ladybird, with a stretchy loop that enables them to fit any sized bar and they can be fixed in a just few seconds.  I have a red Silvercross Wayfarer so the red ones sent to me were a perfect match.

My lights arrived in a nicely packaged box.

The box contains two BuggyLites, one has white LEDs to face forwards, the other has red LEDs to face backwards – just like a car.

White and Red light.

The lights are bright and are easily lit by pressing on the ladybird’s back to take it through the three flash settings.  A quick flash, a slow flash and a solid light.

As it’s summer, I haven’t been able to use them much after hours, however I made sure to test them out for the purpose of the review and they didn’t disappoint!

The concept behind these makes total sense, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a demand for them earlier.

I, personally wish I had come across these some months ago when I was pushing my newborn along the dark streets of winter, but better late than never, looking forward to using them regularly on our walks come Autumn. 🍁

A really good item to have, easy to use, and they will definitely be accompanying us on holidays too. 🙂

You can find out more on the Buggi Lights website.

As always, all views are my own.

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