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‘Wellfit mums and families’ also referred to as ‘Buggyfit’ is an outdoor class that allows you to bring your baby (in the buggy).  The class involves power walking, strengthening and flexibility work, all things to shed any excess pounds and achieve better fitness.

Having a summer baby meant that by time I was ready to go these classes, the weather wasn’t so appealing, unfortunately I couldn’t gear myself up for it regretfully, although the weather shouldn’t stop the more motivated amongst us!

However, since the weather’s improved and the weight is creeping up, I decided to bite the bullet and make it to a session. Exercising post pregnancy is always a little daunting so I was relieved to find that the instructor was very welcoming and the others mums were lovely.  The instructor advises to take each exercise at your own pace, no rush and no competition, which is great. 

I genuinely wish I had joined months ago, aside from showing me how unfit I’ve become. it also showed me how mucheasier Buggyfit would’ve been before His Royal Highness started to try and get out of his buggy.  Haha to be fair though he was alot more patient than I thought, and singing the nursery rhymes kept him entertained. 

Classes are held across a few different parks on different days, a bonus being that some are funded by the Park Lives and Be Active scheme, so you could end up having free sessions.  Fresh air, a natter, fitness, baby strapped in and friendly faces thrown in, definitely worth coming out for. 🙂 

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